2 agosto 2016


Ecosystems, Food Safety and Animal Welfare
Fieravicola, on 22 and 23 July, took part in the International Poultry Forum China; on that occasion it signed a partnership agreement with the China Animal Agriculture Association - CAAA, represented by Gong Guiten, with a view to boosting imports to China as regards both technology and know-how in the poultry and rabbit sector. 
During the meeting, the next steps for the newly-established partnership have been defined, starting with two visits from Chinese delegations to Italy – one in September focusing on rabbit farming and the second one in April during the Fieravicola 2017 exhibition. In May, on the other hand, it will be Fieravicola’s turn to travel to China for the China Animal Husbandry Expo – CAHE, the 5th Global Broiler Forum and the 6th China White Broiler Industry Development Conference.

Today food safety and climate change are two extremely relevant issues and, in Chine, animal waste is one of the main sources of pollution.

Smog worsens the living conditions inside farms, as well as providing a breeding ground for viruses, which leads to loss of appetite and a higher influence of disease. For China, improving environmental conditions in the poultry industry i salso a fundamental way of dealing with food safety issues as regards eggs and poultry. The solutions to these two problems are the key to syncrhonising sustainable development throughout the poultry industry and in China itself.

These were the topics discussed during the forum; it was also noted that the best reference model is undoubtedly Europe and that – in order to be competitive – it is not enough to analyse costs because you need to start thinking about quality and investing in new technologies.

The Chinese system needs to learn from the experiences as regards animal welfare in other countries worldwide in order to develop technology and become more competitive.


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