25 gennaio 2017

Fieravicola invests in Africa

The exhibition in Forlì will host the African Forum in April to launch new projects aimed at the development of poultry farming in Africa. The initiative was presented today at the Farnesina in Rome.
“Poultry farming could play a crucial role in the development of African zootechnics and Italy has what it takes to become one of the main partners of this project of environmentally sustainable growth, aimed at involving small rural communities – said Gian Luca Bagnara, president of Fiera di Forlì.
This is why today’s meeting in the Farnesina – a meeting promoted by Directorate General for Global Affairs and chaired by Minister Plenipotentiary Marco Claudio Vozzi - is of particular importance for us in view of the forthcoming African Forum. The Forum will be held in Forlì on April 5th, during the 50th edition of Fieravicola, an international exhibition B2B intended for experts in the poultry sector”.
Solid experience
Italian farmers and manufacturers of technical means for poultry farming have gained a lot of experience in the past 50 years, boosting the production performance of broilers or laying hens to levels once unimaginable.
Italy has then developed a commodity-chain approach, which allows all the actors in the chain of production (from animal feeding to breeding and to transformation) to achieve maximum efficiency, in full respect of animal health.
Food safety
The approach will be broader in Africa, using the intensive method together with the extensive one.
A system which can be developed in villages, by involving the local community and by organizing the project so to ensure an adequate level of food safety, while respecting the territory and its resources.
The ambassador Pietro Sebastiani, CEO of Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development, commented on this aspect – food safety – during his welcome speech, as the key element on which these initiatives in Africa should focus.
The point is to rationalize and make more efficient what already exists in most African villages, where chickens and hens are very common. The aim would be the development of a sector that is 100% African, so that it can help tackling malnutrition and, at the same time, boost the local economy.
African Forum
“Today - concludes Gian Luca Bagnara - represents the first step towards the African Forum, the meeting we’re going to hold soon in Forlì during Fieravicola.
A meeting which will lay the foundation to launch our project of sustainable poultry farming, by sharing with the African communities the concepts for the development of agroparks in Europe”.
The following African countries attended the meeting with the Farnesina: Algeria, Angola, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Congo, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Libya, Liberia, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
In this occasion, Paolo De Castro has officially been nominated as president of IFAD, The International Fund for Agricultural Development.
Fieravicola, the international exhibition for experts in poultry farming, will be held in Forlì from the 5th to the 7th of April.


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