5 aprile 2017

Career award

50th edition of Fieravicola
The development of the poultry breeding in Italy has been a real epic, in the course of which the entrepreneurial spirit of our farmers has given shape to a new way of breeding and conceiving the modern livestock. An amazing result achieved by men and women who had a winning intuition, that transformed a dream into reality.  Fieravicola dedicates this "Career Award" to them to celebrate the strength of their ideas and passion. Here are their names:

The founders of the Italian Poultry

Francesco Amadori
Amadori Company
Amadori Francesco was born in Cesena on 15 January 1932. In the mid-fifties, as a young boy he worked with his parents selling poultry and farmyard animals. After some time, together with his brother Arnaldo, he creates his first chicken farms.
After that, the two brothers started working in food processing with the objective of creating an integrated supply chain and a real industrial pole in Cesena. In 1965, they built the first feed mill, to which a year after they added the first hatchery and two years later, in 1968, the first slaughterhouse.
Then, step by step, they expanded their production sites and range of products sold on the market, and finally gave birth to the company that we know today, with its over 7,400 employees throughout Italy.
In 2002, the then president of the Italian Republic Carlo Azelio Ciampi, appointed Amadori Francesco as “Cavaliere del Lavoro”.
Today the great company founded by Francesco Amadori continues its activities and is led by the new generations of children and grandchildren, which were imparted his "family passion".

Umberto Bernabini
F.lli Bernabini snc of Umberto Bernabini
Umberto Bernabini was born in Cesena in 1942. When he was 21 years old started its poultry breeding business.
In 1961, he built the first breeding farm made of 8,000 breeding fowl and after years his younger brothers Danilo and Edmondo joined in the activity.
Today the company owns 10 barns of laying hens for a yearly production of about 150 million eggs. The company also owns 6 barns of laying pullets for a production of about 530,000 pullets per year.
In 1997, Umberto Bernabini together with Lino Barberini and Carlo Collinelli purchased 65% of Brandolini snc feed mill. After its transformation in M.B. Feed Spa, the company continued growing and currently produces 3.5 million tons of feed per year; twenty years ago it used to produce only 600,000 tons/year.
Carlo Collinelli
MB Mangimi Spa
Carlo Collinelli was born in San Romano di Mercato Saraceno (close to Forlì) in 1942. He began to work with his dad in the management of the first intensive farms of broilers when he was still a young student.
In 1962, he started working as an apprentice in a hatchery in Predappio and then, in 1964, as an accountant at MB Mangimi Spa, owned by the Brandolini brothers.
A few years later, he was promoted as sales manager for the Romagna region and its neighboring regions. Then the Brandolini brothers’ MB Mangimi Spa turned into MB Feed Spa and in 1997, at the end of a long negotiation in which Mr. Collinelli played a central role, all the shares of the MB Feed Spa, went to the Bernabini Group, owned by Lino Barberini and Carlo Collinelli became his associate.
In the last twenty years, the production has shift from the starting 60.000.000 kg/year to the 350 million/year.

Giovanni Fileni
Fileni Group
Giovanni Fileni was born in Monsano (Marche) in 1940, the last of three brothers from a family of sharecroppers who worked in the Marche countryside.
His professional life coincides with the history of the Fileni company, an industrial group that has come to be today the third Italian pole of poultry production.
When he was young, Giovanni Fileni built the first barn for chicken farming, and  he started to sell them door-to-door to housewives of Vallesina.
In 1967, in Jesi, with the help of his wife he opened the first store of direct sale of chickens and in ten years the shops became 48 and the barns for chicken farming 15.
Today the Fileni Group represents one of the main industrial realities of the sector with a turnover of about 340 million euro, 1,800 employees and 280 breeding farms, (most of them are in the Marche region).
Innovation and quality, animal well-being and environmental sustainability are the company’s hallmarks.
Raffaele Giannone
Avicola Mediterranea srl
Raffaele Giannone was born in Modica (Sicily) on 14 November 1945.
Its activity began in 1969 when he was hired as employee in a company of the feed sector. Only two years later, in 1971, he was called to be part of a project of investment in the egg and chickens sector and that allowed him to become a member of Roccasalva, of Avicarne Spa farm and of incubatoio Mediterraneo .
He has had a wonderful career and today he is the managing director of Avicola Mediterrea srl, Mediterranea Mangimi Spa and Avicola Siciliana. These companies are located in Sicily and they play a leading role in the poultry sector both for production and for the quality of production.
Siro Aristodemo Lionello
Siro Aristodemo Lionello began to work at the age of 13 with his father Rainieri Lionello, the founder of Eurovo,. Together they went to farms  to buy eggs that were then processed and resold.
From the commercial area to the finance one, from production to corporate organization - first alongside his father and then assisted by his brother Ireno - Siro Lionello now leads Eurovnovo together with his children Silvia and Federico, his brother and a group of managers.
When he was 17 he moved from the province of Padua to Forlì-Cesena, and in the Seventies he opened his first shelling plant and then in 1980 he openedthe plant in Occhiobello (RO), that was one of the first companies for the industrial production of egg products. Eurovo has become aninternational industry thanks to the acquisition of foreign companies, initially in France, for the development of eggs and egg products business.
Today Eurovo boasts an integrated supply chain that goes from chick to eggs processing and it has an undisputed national and European leadership.
In 2016 Siro Lionello celebrated 50 years of activity.
Pier Ettore Lucchi
Azienda A.L.I. srl
Pier Ettore Lucchi was born in Forlimpopoli on 4th  March 1946 and after a promising sport career as football player he became one of the most authoritative exponents of the national poultry sector.
In 1963 Lucchi played in the A.C. Forlì, but he also found a stable job in a feeding laboratory in order to meet his family needs.  Two years later thanks to his agonistic talent he started to play in the A.C. Cesena which gave him the opportunity to play also in the Serie B.. After having left the football world in 1967 due to serious accident, Pier Ettore Lucchi returned to the livestock sector and he started working in the company Terra del Sole in Castrocaro Terme.
Six years later in 1973 he started to work for the manufacturing company Vedal in Savignano sul Rubicone. In 1983 he founded the consultancy company "S.G.L.Zooconsult" that worked with several veterinarians from the Italian poultry until 2003. Zooconsult carried out some tests on some groups of female chicks belonging to genetics Lohmann who gave excellent results. In the light of these results in 2003 it was created the A.L.I. srl (Avizoo Lohmann Italy) and it began the importation of the first reproductors.
Today Lohmann is the most sold genetics of laying hens for consumption eggs in Italy withket with an amount of 15.5 million and a turnover of more than 10 million euros.
Anna Maldini
Azienda Agricola Maldini
Anna Maltoni in Maldini started its activity in 1960 when she started to work in the hatchery company Matton of Predappio where she worked till 1980 in the poultry farm of this city and in Forlì.
The quality leap came after the premature death of her husband, when she took the control of the Maldini company.
Despite the men’s presence in this sector, Anna Maldini does not lose heart and faces the difficulties with commitment and determination, proving to be able to overcome adversity with grit and intuition.
In 1989 with the birth of the association Aerac, known today as Assoavi, she bagan to held roles of primary importance and she was also the President of the Association from 2010 to 2015.
From 2015, as a vice-chairman, she continues to be the association soul and also thanks to his commitment and his passion Assoavi is today is the most important national association for the eggs chain. 

Natale Morini
Azienda agricola F.lli Morini
Natale Morini was born in 1934 and he is one of the most important personality for poultry world in the region Romagna and in Italy. He was son of sharecroppers who dedicated themselves to the cereals trade. Morini decided to work in the poultry industry in the 1950s, when he began to buy chicks from Netherlands and to breed them.  Then he began his first hatchery and the incubators sale to other breeders who had just started to work in this emerging field.
In a few years the numbers increased and at the beginning of the Sixties Natale Morini did realized an hatchery in Faenza, enlarging the production also to Pharaohs and it became the main Italian and European industry: it is no accident that in the Seventies 13 millions of Pharaoh on a total amount of 18 million produced in our country were "labelled" Morini.
Soon the production of Natale Morini spread to laying hens thanks to agreements, that were signed with the poultry stakeholders and it became itself one of the main company of this sector.  
In addition to this important poultry production, Natale Morini has added other activities, such as the fruit farming sector and the viticulture, showing foresight and an entrepreneurial capacity that knows no boundaries.

Guido Sassi
Pollo del Campo
Guido Sassi was born in Santa Sofia (FC) on 4th September 1943.
As he was grown up in the poultry world due to his father activities, it was natural for him to join concretely the family activity with the business enlargement.
Just a dozen years later in 1980, thanks to the production quality and a good market performance, Sassi creates the Pollo del Campo with a group of 21 farmers.
 It starts an intense entrepreneurial activity that leads Sassi to hold very important offices as the President of UnaItalia (National Poultry Union), a role that he has held for 6 years.
 From 2005 Pollo del Campo is part of the Amadori  Group and it remains one of the most important companies of this sector at national level.
At the same time Sassi continues to process forward its poultry breeding that he proudly describes as the largest of the Valle del Bidente, as technological innovation is able to promote and develop the best synergies to the advantage of the Italian poultry.
Giuseppe Torroni
Group Avizoo-Chirichì  
Back in the Fifties Giuseppe Torroni, an agrarian expert, provided technical assistance at a farm. 
 In 1952 he decided to establish a small herd with wood batteries capable of producing 200 chickens per week, out of curiosity and stimulated by the desire to undertake an activity on his own, also encoureged by the experience of his friend Delio Baldacci, who worked in Varesotto (Lombardy) where poultry farming was already particularly widespread.
A few years later he created the first breeding of chickens in battery in his own courtyard, divided into two departments: one for the chicks and one for the fattening of animals.
 The turning point is in 1959, when he founded Avizoo with his business partner Aldo Pollarini, with whom he shares a development project of the poultry in Romagna, with the idea of integrating the production cycle with the foundation, in 1963, of the feedmill Imass and later on, in 1965, of the company of slaughter, processing and marketing called Chirichì.
 The collaboration with the family Pollarini lasted 43 years.
 Today the family Torroni manages approximately 125,000 sqm of herds of chickens and turkeys located in Romagna and in the provinces of Bologna and Arezzo (Tuscany).
Today Giuseppe Torroni, almost 89 years old, still manages the company, sharing the strategic choices with his children, grandchildren and collaborators.

Otello Valmori
Mangimificio Valmori
Otello Valmori was born in Galeata (near Forli) on 6 January 1928.
He grew up in an area with a strong vocation for agricultural and livestock products: he started as sales agent of one of the most important companies of the sector, then decided to focus on an activity of his own, taking over a farm with cattle breeding in 1962.
His project to build a closed cycle breeding activity led him to the establishment of a feedmill and then, in the Seventies, to the establishment of a bigger and more modern structure, which was able to support greater productive activity both for dimensions and quality.
Throughout the years he acquired new land and livestock, continuing to develop farming and breeding poultry, which became the hallmark of the entire business of Otello Valmori.
In 1978 he was one the founders of Pollo del Campo, one of the leading companies in the sector of slaughter and the marketing of poultry in Italy.
Bruno Veronesi
Veronesi Holding Spa
After graduating in Economics and Commerce at the University of Padova and have fulfilled the obligations of the lever in the Artiglieria Corazzata as a Second Lieutenant, Bruno Veronesi started working for the Italian company Aia in 1974: he was president for several years . At the time the company had a turnover of 30 billion lire (15,5 million euro) and it reached in 2015 a turnover of 2.774 million euro, 443 made in foreign markets. Employees went from 400 to 9,600. Thanks to a business strategy based on quality, distribution and attention to the consumer, today Aia is a national market leader and one of the first European companies in the production and distribution of fresh poultry meat. Over the years the company specialized in pig meat production, first by integrating the fresh pig meat sector of the Group, and then the salami sector, integrating the historic "company of the star" Negroni. Focusing on the experience and on the respect for traditions, but also on the research and experimentation of new technologies, the company guarantees the quality and safety on large production volumes through the full control of the sector, which goes from egg production to animal feedingstuff production, breeding, until slaughter and processing of the product into portions and packages ready for consumption. The success and the reputation of the trade mark Aia are due to the strong innovative thrust of products placed on the market, such as for example the line Aequilibrium of meats and poultry products with a limited caloric content and Wudy, the first wurstel of poultry meat, now widespread throughout Europe. Today Aia, with its brands, represents an industrial reality that includes 4 hatcheries, 7 feedmills, 2 centers for processing eggs, 6 slaughterhouses, 4 centers for processing meat and a modern logistics high technology that guarantees the freshness of the meat and the quickness and quality of service. Bruno Veronesi is counselor of Unaitalia- Unione Nazionale delle Filiere Agroalimentari (National Union of the Agri-Food sectors); he was awarded with the Order of Merit for Labour on 31 May 2004 and he is currently the President of the Veronesi Holding.


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