5 aprile 2017

The 50th edition of Fieravicola has been inaugurated

Fieravicola, at the service of the consumer
“This is our 50th poultry meat and egg producer trade fair. For Fieravicola - says Gian Luca Bagnara, President of Fiera di Forlì – this is a reason for justified pride, being aware that the industry is continuously changing, and needs a specialised B2B event such as ours as an opportunity for meeting and progressing even further”.
It is one more reason to cut the ribbon of this 50a international poultry exhibition on an optimistic note, because nutritionists are rightly enhancing the profile of poultry and rabbit meat; also eggs are once again becoming part of modern-day dietary plans because of their high organoleptic value.
Fieravicola facts and figures
“Let me just give you a few facts and figures about this edition of Fieravicola: it will feature more than 200 exhibitors, 152 of them from Italy and 51 from abroad, spanning all commodity sectors of contemporary poultry farming, from genetics to animal health products, from farming equipment to processing factories.  Mention should also be made - continues Gian Luca Bagnara – of the 140 delegates from foreign countries who have already confirmed that they will be attending the trade fair in Forlì representing Afghanistan, Algeria, Cameroon, China, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Uganda and Russia. We wish to welcome them all and thank them for choosing Italy, and Fieravicola specifically, to help promote poultry farming in their country of origin. It is exactly to help Italian companies expand their market into new countries that Fieravicola has decided to organise three forums dedicated to Russia, China and Africa, where our businesses will have a chance to meet foreign partners from institutions and the industry, thus following a concrete approach to internationalization and expanding the areas for the dissemination of Italian know how and technology”.
Best Stand Design Award
One novelty for this 50th trade fair will be the “Best Stand Design Award”, given by the Fieravicola “technical design committee", after having carefully reviewed all the stands in the exhibition. Consideration will be given to the enterprises which have appeared to most effectively highlighting and conveying their products’ potential and prospects through the stand set-up. The award-giving ceremony to the three selected companies will take place on Thursday 6 April, in the afternoon.
Naturally innovative
“Poultry farming - continues Mr Bagnara – has often been defined as “tomorrow’s newspaper” for animal husbandry because it has always anticipated trend, as regards both production and consumption, with a view to robust sustainability. Poultry farming, however, also means an integrated system, a way of working where all the links along this production chain share the same purpose: meeting consumer requirements. In Italy this topic also includes an extremely marked quality component because the poultry and rabbit meat and the eggs produced in our country are checked after each step in their production cycle, which means that they guarantee the highest food safety levels”. This is why the fiftieth Fieravicola trade fair in Forlì is more than just another B2B event where professionals from the industry can meet; it is actually a showcase open to the agriculture and food industry worldwide, to underscore the importance of this production sector whose turnover amounts to about six billion euro and which employs more than sixty thousand people.
Pioneers of poultry farming
Fieravicola, on the other hand, also has a strong connection with the region: Romagna and its entrepreneurs have trusted the potential of poultry farming, creating some of the most dynamic and innovative production establishments in Italy and in Europe as a whole.
“It is exactly in order to celebrate this deep-rooted connection with our area - concludes Bagnara – that the Management Board of Fieravicola has decided to give a career award to  10 entrepreneurs who have transformed chicken and laying breeding into a business which – over the past 50 years – has progressed from rural production and become the point of pride for animal husbandry in Italy. Here are their names, strictly in alphabetical order: Francesco Amadori, Umberto Bernabini, Carlo Collinelli, Giovanni Fileni, Raffaele Giannone, Siro Lionello, Pier Ettore Lucchi, Anna Maldini, Natale Morini, Guido Sassi, Giuseppe Torroni, Otello Valmori, Bruno Veronesi. If Italian poultry farming has become as successful as we well know, all credit goes to them”.
Ongoing commitment
“Visiting this Fieravicola means entering a world where technology is at the service of the consumer and where chicken, laying hens and rabbits are the first step towards products with an increasing share of service, well suited in a society where the shortage of time for cooking certainly does not mean giving up on quality and flavour. It is a daily challenge wherr Italian poultry and rabbit farming intend to play a pivotal role, trusting Fieravicola to accompany them towards new goals, because today high-quality production is no longer enough: it needs to be done with a sustainable and ethical approach”.


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