7 aprile 2017

Fieravicola, the future has already begun

After a successful conclusion the International Poultry Exhibition organized from Fiera di Forlì is already warming up for the “Poultry Days” in February 2018 with a view to the 51st edition of Fieravicola, that will involve the poultry world from 17th to 19th April 2019.
The fiftieth edition of Fieravicola closed again with a clearly positive sign in terms of exhibitors (205 in total) with 25% of foreign exhibitors. First of all, it allowed the visitors, a specialized audience of farmers, processing companies, veterinaries and specialized technicians to experience first-hand  the top technology of the poultry and rabbit sector.

“We are satisfied – comments the President of Fiera di Forlì Gian Luca Bagnara – both in terms of the commercial perspective, as this exhibition plays a key role for our society,  both in terms of the importance of the exhibition itself which remains crucial, despite the strong contraction of the sector in the past years”.

Open to the world market

During the three days more than 150 foreign delegates visited the Exhibition and the companies of this area. On the first day Fiera di Forlì hosted three workshops devoted to the market development in China, Russia and Africa, that will give the green light to the new commercial relationships between these countries and the Italian companies. 

“We signed – continues the President Bagnara – three important partnership agreements with leading representatives from the poultry world of these countries: with Mr.  Iurii Katsnelson from the Agriculture Commission of the Russian Parliament, with Liu Qiangde, Vice Secretary General of the China Animal Agricolture Association and with the President of the Chamber of Agriculture Ladjel Doubbi Bounoua from Algeria. These are concrete actions, that will lead us also to missions abroad as continuation of our partnership signed here in Forlì.  

Consumers’ needs

Above all, the discussion focused during Fieravicola on the future of the industry with particular stress on three topics: animal health, food security and relationship with the customer. These issues were discussed during the 10 forums of this edition, that have marked  the particular attention in responding to the expectations of the collectivity.

“Many exhibitors offered vegetable and essential oils based food supplements. They represent valid instrument to produce quality poultry meat and quality eggs, using less veterinary medicines in comparison to the past. This is not part of the future, – comments Bagnara – but it’s part of the present and it is proving its effectiveness”.

Industry leaders

Fieravicola is looking into the future, but does not forget the past and the entrepreneurs, that  are the leaders of the most important Italian manufacturers. In Sala Europa of Fiera di Forlì the awards have gone to Francesco Amadori, Umberto Bernabini, Carlo Collinelli, Giovanni Fileni, Siro Lionello, Pier Ettore Lucchi, Anna Maldini, Natale Morini, Giuseppe Torroni, Otello Valmori and Bruno Veronesi. The entrepreneurs with a total turnover of more than 5 billion euros have been the flywheel of the whole industry for the last 50 years and our poultry sector is now able to compete with other leaders of the agri-foods sector thanks to its strong spirit of innovation.  

“Fieravicola does not end today and although it is held every two years, it will continue also in February 2018 with the Poultry Days and the Forums we are going to organize to keep the attention high on the sector – concludes Mr. Bagnara. This will be an important event before meeting us again from 17th to 19th April 2019 in Forlì with the 51st edition of our exhibition. More and more B2B meetings and even more focus on the consumer”.


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