8 ottobre 2018

The “World Egg Day 2018” to be celebrated in Forlì

The “World Egg Day 2018” will be celebrated all over the world on October 12th: Forlì, the capital of Italian aviculture, shall be involved with initiatives for both the general public and the catering world in city.

Established at the 1996 Vienna Conference, the World Egg Day aims to raise awareness about the benefits of eggs and their importance in the human nutrition. "Fiera di Forlì is in the forefront to play the role of Italian leader of this international event - Gianluca Bagnara, president of the Fair and Assoavi, the Association of Italian Poultry Breeders said - and to promote awareness in the city that the aviculture and FierAvicola- the International Poultry Fair are a heritage of this territory, a resource that must be defended and safeguarded for the good of our entire community".

On Friday evening, October 12th, an artistic performance promoted by Fiera di Forlì will be held downtown in the city, coordinated by Katia Kuo, designer and stylist: four young fashion designers are put face to a particular concept: "in many cultures, in the narratives of the myths, the egg represents the beginning, the next birth. It contains chaos, and with it, infinite possibilities of expression of life". A way to speak differently of an important production sector for the Romagna economy, celebrating the egg with a unique "capsule collection".

The designers are asked to propose their interpretation of dress proposals as the last "contemporary body skin" and representative of the human being. Twelve models will achieve a performance in which, dressed in garments full of scenographic or conceptual meanings and a sort of LED-lit hood/egg, they will be called to walk around the oval shape of the flowerbeds dwelling on the benches and along the corridors leading to the center of the Square, so giving shape to a spectacular “tableau vivant”.

A musician, Marco Visconti Prasca, will accompany the performance on the saxophone. The models are dressed by 3 young fashion designers: Giulia Pastorelli, Simone Barbi and Alessandro Falce. In addition to attending the event, people attending this fashion show shall have the opportunity to conclude the evening in one of the restaurants of the historical center of the city presenting into the day menu some creative and tasty egg based dishes, created to celebrate the Day.

The Italian production of eggs, some 810 thousand tons of product, stands at 13 billion eggs and is worth about one billion euros for the sole agricultural part, while sales turnover for processing of the finished product adds another billion and a half of the value to the chain. Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto are the three regions that, by themselves, today cover in Italy almost half of the national production of eggs.

Eggs are one of the highest quality protein sources in nature, at a very affordable price, and contain many of the key ingredients for the family nutrition all around the world. The proteins contained in the eggs are very important in the development of the brain and muscles, they play a key role in the prevention of diseases and contribute to the general well-being of the people.



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