12 marzo 2019

Fieravicola looks to African markets for growth

Poultry farming in Romagna was the protagonist at a meeting with African diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome, where the Romagna system was presented together with the Fieravicola of Forlì, the industry exhibition being held from 27 to 29 March.
"A unique chance to study this sector” explained Counsellor Luigi Scotto, opening the meeting, “ and to build a framework for mutual growth with African countries, based on the know-how of Italian companies, but modulated on the needs of local partners".


A framework for cooperation

"Forlì and Romagna are renowned as centres of innovation” affirmed Gianluca Bagnara, President of the Fiera di Forlì “an area renowned for its creativity, always responsive to market demands. A characteristic that our entrepreneurs have been able to interpret in every sector, from agriculture to shipbuilding, with the same passion. It is here that intensive aviculture took shape in the post-war period, growing to become one of the most dynamic sectors in the Italian agri-food industry. A sector where local companies have achieved recognition nationally and internationally, both in terms of technology and product, by managing to market first-rate poultry and eggs. We have created a complex, but efficient, supply chain, which today we feel we could help replicate in Africa, a continent where poultry farming is seen as an important tool to grow the economy and improve the nutritional level of the population. Therefore, Fiera di Forlì is pleased to return here to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to present the 51st edition of Fieravicola and renew our commitment to bringing Italian know-how to Africa".


Objective Africa

A commitment reaffirmed by Paolo Rosa, head of the international sector of the Fieravicola, during the meeting at the Italian Foreign Office, which was attended by ambassadors, economic and agricultural attaches from the main African countries.
"Fieravicola has always had an international outlook” says Paolo Rosa. “It is only by comparing notes and opening a dialogue with future African poultry farmers that we can study investment plans able to adapt the technology developed by Italian companies to the reality and development needs of partner countries. Aviculture in Europe uses an intensive model, but this is not necessarily suitable for Africa, extensive solutions are also viable. The important thing is that the proposals are economically sustainable and able to guarantee a high level of food safety, respecting the territory in which these interventions will take place".


The following African countries were present at the Italian Foreign Office meeting: Algeria, Angola, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Republic of Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Morocco, Mozambique, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


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