calendar_today28 March 2019
location_on“Europa” room – Congress Center (entrance hall)

Workshop organised by Fiera di Forlì


Open to change: forward-looking companies in the poultry sector


Flexible, dynamic, always ready for an exchange of views on a constantly changing market.

In order to be competitive, efficiency is no longer enough: you need to anticipate trends and reshape corporate strategies at a speed which was not required in the past. This unwritten rule is in the DNA of the poultry industry and it has allowed the sector to express its potential to the full.

This concept applies not only to aspects more closely related to manufacturing, but also to the endless list of products into which what are apparently commodities – for example eggs and poultry – are turned.

Italian companies have always proved to be extremely creative, even though today the real difference is made by the readiness to forge alliances, complete acquisitions and find new partners to progress further. This is vital at a time when consumption is stagnant and you need to be brave enough to look beyond your success story and invent new ones.

Together with Stefano Baldi from Nomisma, a careful observer of agri-food market trends, we will  analyse what has happened in the sector over the past few years and find the key elements to make it competitive again.

With Leonardo Mirone, Procurement Manager at Barilla, we will be even more specific, because, over the past few years, eggs have become a “hot topic” in terms of relations with consumers, and requirements from the food industry having become increasingly “ethical”, thus revolutionising producers’ choices, also from a technological perspective.

On the other hand, growing means managing progress at all levels, starting from management. This is an even more sensitive element when dealing with a “generation turnover” within mostly family-run companies.

We will discuss this with some of the main players in the poultry sector, companies such as Eurovo, Sabbatani, Grigi and Facco, which have reached a leadership position in their own market by investing on innovation.



09.30 Welcome address: Gian Luca Bagnara, President of Fiera di Forlì

09.45 Introduction: Giovanni De Luca, journalist at Allevatori Top

10.00 Competitiveness and development prospects for the agri-food industry in Italy: Stefano Baldi, Project Manager, Agriculture and Food Industry Division, Nomisma

10.20 The new food industry requirements: Leonardo Mirone, Procurement Manager at Barilla


10.40 Managing change in a dynamic market: a discussion with three companies which have made poultry farming in Italy successful: Eurovo, Sabbatani, Grigi and Facco.

11.30 Conclusions


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