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calendar_today3 aprile 2017

Presentation of the 50th edition of Fieravicola

 “The connection between Fieravicola, Forlì and the Romagna region has always been a point of strength for the success of this event, so being here today to introduce the 50th edition of the exhibition makes us all very proud”. This is how Gianluca Bagnara, President of Fiera Forlì, opened this morning’s press conference to present the forthcoming Fieravicola (5-7 April 2017), ready to inaugurate its 50th edition.  “It is also with this success in mind that I would like to thank the Deputy Mayor of Forlì Lubiano Montaguti and the President of the Romagna Chamber of Commerce Fabrizio Moretti for being here today, because this confirms once again the synergy between our Trade Fair, the city and the whole of Romagna”.

Room for synergies

“Today the value of business synergies is more relevant than ever before – said Fabrizio Moretti, President of the Romagna Chamber of Commerce – this is why our support to events such as Fieravicola is necessarily linked to a partnership which fosters internationalisation processes, on which we will keep focusing to optimise our potential”.  “Synergies are indeed as topical as ever – also according to Lubiano Montaguti, Deputy Mayor of Forlì – because they are the starting point for regional promotion. On the occasion of the forthcoming edition of Fieravicola the topic of internationalisation will prove to be something extremely concrete, thanks to the presence of numerous foreign delegations, starting with those from Africa, which will host the African Forum, not forgetting those from Russia and China. Their presence is indeed essential for the success of the poultry trade fair, which expresses its full potential in the Romagna district, as regards both production and technological innovation”.
“Unfortunately recent consumer trends – said Stefano Gagliardi, Director of Assoavi – make it increasingly urgent to enhance our products, also using the tools made available by the “National Quality System” for eggs, a measure which we trust will help this industry. The professionalism of producers is undisputed; regrettably we have been unable to show this value to consumers: this is the direction in which we should be moving, though, to provide correct information, increasing shares and consumption. A specialized and cross-border event such as Fieravicola is definitely pivotal for a goal which is as important as it is necessary”.

Success figures

“I’d just like to mention a few facts and figures for this year’s Fieravicola: there will be over 200 exhibitors, 152 of them Italian and 51 foreign, spanning all community sectors within modern poultry farming: from genetics to animal health products, from farming equipment to processing factories. Mention should also be made – continued Mr Bagnara – of the 140 delegates from foreign countries who have already confirmed their precence in Forlì at the trade fair representing Afghanistan, Algeria, Cameroon, China, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Lybia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Uganda and Russia. This shows the importance of Fieravicola at international level and the interest in the technological innovation developed in Italy, for which we provide the most qualified showcase. Our exhibition – concluded Bagnara – is no longer merely a B2B event where professionals in the sector can meet; it is a showcase open to the agricultural and food industry worldwide, highlighting the relevance of this production sector which is worth about six billion euro and employs over sixty thousand people”.

Career award

“And it is to celebrate key players in the industry – concludes Mr Bagnara – that on Wednesday 5 April, during the inauguration of Fieravicola we will be giving a “special career award” to a group of businesspersons who – through their efforts - have helped the Italian poultry sector grow, leading it to the excellence levels of which consumers are well aware.  It will be a way of celebrating together, mindful of the commitment of those who have realised the great potential of the poultry industry for the country as a whole and who have dedicated their lives to making this dream come true”.


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