Signing of the agreement to use the Russian market potential

calendar_today5 aprile 2017

After China, Russia. The internationalization project, on which Fieravicola (Forlì, 5-7 April 2017) has focused most of its efforts during this year’s edition, this afternoon involved the Russian poultry industry.

It was no coincidence that a large group of operators took part in the forum “The Italian system at the service of the Russian agricultural and food industry”, organised by Banca Intesa Russia, represented by Vera Spina, and Fiera di Forlì, with a discussion about the advantages, as well as about critical points, currently existing with regard to a process which undoubtedly has substantial development potential.
Actual progress
This was underscored by Adriano Maestri, President of CariRomagna a bank belonging to the Intesa San Paolo Group, who said that (in spite of Russian current economic hardships) “the estimated growth for 2017 amounts to +1.5% and could increase even further in 2018 – he continued – which is why the prospects for trade partnership and exchanges with our country are so attractive. This progress could be partly slowed down by the lack of propensity by our enterprises as regards teamwork; this hindrance really ought to be overcome, especially considering that Italian agricultural and food exports to Russia account for a mere 3.6% of exports overall, and their turnover is six billion euro, compared to imports amounting to as much as 10 billion euro. Mention should also be made of the consequences of the embargo, a situation which in any case we hope will be finally resolved soon”.
Expanding industry
With regard to the poultry sector, over the past few years Russia has been able to increase its production also through new farm establishments. “The agreement signed with Fiera di Forlì – said Galina Bobyleva, the greatest poultry expert in Russia – confirms the great value we assign to this partnership for us, first of all because we are aware of the high quality of Italian companies, and also because we are planning to start economic and trade exchanges with Italy which will facilitate the development of our sector”.
The forum panel also included Gianluca Pini, a member of the Foreign and Community Affairs Committee in the Italian Parliament; he commented that “companies from Romagna need to start working with Russia while waiting for the embargo to be lifted once and for all”.
Limited self-sufficiency
“The appreciation with regard to Italian technology is the asset starting from which we intend to build on the contents of the memorandum of understanding we signed today – said the President of Fiera Forlì, Gianluca Bagnara – our goal is to help create an integrated supply chain, fostering the growth of business in Russia. I believe that we can no longer limit ourselves to thinking about exports. I am convinced that we need to consider the potential offered by technology and how to make it available for countries such as Russia which have limited self-sufficiency as regards the poultry industry”.


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