A concerted protocol to encourage investment in Africa

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Forlì, 6th April 2017

According to OECD, Africa is one of the areas that are going to develop more in the next few years. It is thought to grow by 6.3 % per year by 2020. During a conference in Forlì about the development of poultry farming, Marco Claudio Vozzi, Minister Plenipotentiary, reminded us the great interest for African countries of the Ministry of Foreign, confirming the strategic importance of agriculture in the development Africa, a high diversified area.
Credit support
Credit support is one of the main topics discussed at Fieravicola, given the great potential of closed-cycle breeding and the efficiency of broiler and laying hens, compared to red meat. Of course, tools and equipment are essential to launch trade initiatives in Africa: however, Luca Passariello from Sace, a joint-stock company specialized in export credit support, reminded us that it is possible to start your own company without having to worry about costs. An example is Kambiro Gacha Gilay, First Secretary  of Ethiopian Embassy and responsible of technology transfer, who stressed the good demographic situation and the growing economy of his country. Ethiopia has a vast area of uncultivated agricultural land, plus 7 million hectares of non-irrigated land suited to cultivation, just waiting to be exploited.
Great prospects
“Poultry farming is a key sector for Ethiopia, but capital, technologies and experience are needed to boost its economy.  We believe that a country like Italy would be an ideal partner”, said the Ethiopian ambassador. Representatives of Mozambique and Ghana are of the same opinion: they insisted on the need to have facilities, agricultural machinery and technical resources on their territory in the near future, in order to develop the poultry sector, which embodies significant potentials in terms of investment and production. In Ghana, only the 30% of the local egg consumption needs is produced. In 2014, 4,2 millions of chickens have been imported, while there are just two processing facilities. At the end of the meeting, Gianluca Bagnara, President of Fiera di Forlì, and Ladjel Doubbi Bounoua, President of the National Chamber of Agriculture in Algeria, concluded a protocol agreement in order to engage partnerships and launch future initiatives. “The integrated production chain is a model to be pursued – Dr. Bagnara said – This will ensure the control and food safety along the production chain”.


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