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calendar_today6 aprile 2017

At Fieravicola, beauty is rewarded.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Fieravicola event taking place in Forlì, the awards for the “best stand design” went to the three most innovative exhibitors.

Izo Vaxxinova, Aviagen Italia srl and Valli Spa. These are the names of three companies that won the awards for the “best stand design” during the celebration of the 50th edition of Fieravicola. Fabiana Fiorini, the vice president of Fiera di Forlì, wanted to hand the award personally to the exhibitors who stood out for “the care and intuition they demonstrated highlighting and showing the potential and the prospects of their own products through their booth setup”.

According to the “design technical Commitee” of Fieravicola, first place went to the Izo Vaxxinova’s booth, operating in the animal health industry, “for their original usage of materials and spaces, well combined to design and colours”. “We hope it will bode well for our new international holding company, established from the integration of the Italian Izo and Vaxxinova. Actually, the design of our booth had widely been appreciated, but we did not expect to take first place.”

Aviagen Italia Spa (poultry genetics) took second place, “for the quality of the material finish and for their architectural choices”. The award was handed to Stefania Valenza, responsible for the customer service of the company, and to the general manager Claudio Ambriogio, who underlined their satisfaction for the appreciation for their new booth, particularly “for their contribution to the beauty of this exhibition space. It is always better to do your best; it has no extra costs”.

Valli spa (breeding structures) got satisfaction,  too. The company took third place for “the creative design and for the usage of the technologies well integrated with the exhibition area”. According to Marcello Valli, the company’s owner, they got the award for their welcoming and captivating exhibition idea, able to bring the Italian style to an international exhibition. As a company, we aim at quality, a global concept for us. It is not only about the product quality, but also about how to present to the customer”.


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