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calendar_today6 aprile 2017

The production chain focuses on consumers

Today it’s crucial for the industries of this sector and for distributors to understand the desires of quiet confused consumers, who are looking for accessibility, psychological and physical well-being and product guarantees. This was the topic today at a conference organized by the magazine Mark Up and by Fiera di Forlì: to give accurate information to a significant proportion of Italian consumers (87,7% of the total), already consumers of meat and poultry products, who are now more and more confused by hearsay on the internet and by the recurring media scaremongering. This is one of the top priorities stressed by those “working in the field”, who spoke at the convention “Prospects for distribution in the poultry industry. Retail and industry’s approach to the sector: future scenarios, discussion with policy-makers and consumers.”

Decreasing consumption
The figures provided by Ismea Nielsen on the household purchase are clear: 2016 was characterized by a slowdown in consumption, even though poultry meat was less affected by this decrease. Operators in the sector think it’s fundamental to recover quickly, as well as enhancing the product. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the consumer in order to understand and to meet his needs, especially in the Italian market, called “food-centric”, since it devotes 14,3% of its income to food purchase. According to Salvo Garipoli, the SG Marketing expert that opened the convention, one of the ways to certify national poultry products is by communicating transparently the farming conditions (meaning the level of respect of the animal welfare) as well as by giving information on the poultry’s nutrition and the broiler’s age. Not to mention the need to provide information on antibiotic use, an area in which throughout last year the Italian poultry industry has come a long way (-40% use in breeding farms), unbeknownst to the consumers.

Proper communication
It’s important to start with the basics, pointed out some of the experts who spoke at the final meeting. Only 3% of Italians know that 99% of the poultry consumed in Italy was born, bred and slaughtered in Italy and that broilers have not been reared in cages for more than 50 years. Proper communication: that’s the challenge.


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