Sustainability, animal welfare and, above all, antibiotic-free aviculture: feed industry and breeders meet at "FierAvicola 2019"

calendar_today30 gennaio 2019

Sustainability and well-being in animal production; high quality raw materials, ingredients and feed additives to improve animal health and welfare; removal of antibiotics from animal production: these topics will be focused by feed industry technicians and breeding professionals attending seminars, conferences and workshops at the upcoming “FierAvicola 2019”, to be held from March, Wednesday 27th  to Friday 29th  at the Forlì Exhibition Center.

Starting this year, with the use of the computerized system for traceability of the drug and the entry into force in Italy of the electronic veterinary recipe, the sale and the actual consumption of veterinary medicines will be subject to a closer monitoring, so enhancing mostly the actions to combat AMR (Antimicrobial resistance). The antibiotic-resistance phenomenon is functionally consistent with the "One Health" concept, an approach formally recognized by the European Commission, the World Bank, WHO, FAO, World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and various Research Institutes recognizing that the health of human beings is linked to animal health and the environment.

The European Parliament Resolution of 13 September 2018 on a "One Health" European Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance calls for "phasing out both the systematic prophylactic-metaphylactic use of antimicrobials in groups of farm animals, and to completely ban the use of "critically important" or "critical" human antibiotics for food-producing animals. On the occasion of the “World Week on Conscious Antibiotic Use” (on the last month of November) and the “European Antibiotic Day” (November 18th, 2018), the Italian Ministry of Health published the "Guidelines for the promotion of the prudent use of antimicrobials in zootechnical farms for the prevention of antimicrobial resistance ".



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